I feel ethylic self-confidence spreading in all my self...
The voice of conscience echoes no more in my head...
Forgetting, vomiting, remembering,
I knew that happiness is never for free...

The more I escape, shorter is the flight
And more painful the landing.
Missing, shaking, hallucinating,
I knew that happiness is never for free...

I don’t care about my dignity’s remains,
I drink to forget I think therefore to forget I am,
Depression is a well and its bottom is suicide
And I know that happiness is never for free.


from Downfall, released August 12, 2012




Nameless Orchestral Project Brest, France

NAMELESS ORCHESTRAL PROJECT offers a music undefined in style, with unstable and incongruous time signatures, performed from largo to presto (ma non troppo), all ordered into a seeming chaos. Then sometimes you'll hear a song in common time, with an unvarying tempo and a verse/chorus structure. But in all case, the music will lack optimism and joie de vivre. ... more

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