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released August 12, 2012

Recorded & mixed during 2011/2012 by Max BRIEN
Additional recordings by Valentin LE PETIT
Mastered by Guillaume TOULLEC at Studio de Roy de Rats, Leipzig

Music & lyrics by Ben DANIEL

- Ben DANIEL [vocals/bass/guitars]
- Alexis BOUVIER [guitars]
- Alix CAILLEBOT [guitars]
- Aurélie VACONNET [vocals]
- Valentin LE PETIT [pipe organ]
- Juline MARTIN [piano]
- Guillaume TOULLEC [drums]




Nameless Orchestral Project Brest, France

NAMELESS ORCHESTRAL PROJECT offers a music undefined in style, with unstable and incongruous time signatures, performed from largo to presto (ma non troppo), all ordered into a seeming chaos. Then sometimes you'll hear a song in common time, with an unvarying tempo and a verse/chorus structure. But in all case, the music will lack optimism and joie de vivre. ... more

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Track Name: Une Descente Aux Enfers
Ma vie est une blessure que seul le suicide cicatrisera.
Track Name: Lethe
I feel ethylic self-confidence spreading in all my self...
The voice of conscience echoes no more in my head...
Forgetting, vomiting, remembering,
I knew that happiness is never for free...

The more I escape, shorter is the flight
And more painful the landing.
Missing, shaking, hallucinating,
I knew that happiness is never for free...

I don’t care about my dignity’s remains,
I drink to forget I think therefore to forget I am,
Depression is a well and its bottom is suicide
And I know that happiness is never for free.
Track Name: Tearless Sadness
I won't let myself shed the tear
That will announce the death
Of this love I remain a slave.
I refuse the mourning.
Track Name: Dereliction
Loves break up. Friends burn bridges.
I miss you and I’d like you miss me.
Loves break up. Friends burn bridges.
Do I still exist when no one think of me ?
Track Name: The Point Of No Return
April 6th 2000
I fell in the Well of Depression
But a tearless sadness
Could not fill it up with enough hopelessness
For self-destruction.
So when I hit rock bottom,
I found an empty place called alienation
To decorate with my delirium.
Track Name: Denied
Once again I’m laid in bed
Waiting for insanity
Once again I’m laid in bed
Trying to escape your reality.
But I’m still haunted by memories
I can’t deny even with psychosis.
Track Name: Doppelgänger
Je est un autre, stranger but well-known.
Dissociation : I am no more in the singular
However I feel so lonely.
Je est un autre, familiar and worrying.
Depersonalization : I am nothing more
And everything is all right.
Track Name: Petits Suicides
Et du fond de mon puits, je vis briller
Une espérance aveuglante...
Et du fond de mon puits, je fus prié
D’accepter une amour angoissante
Et de jouir à nouveau de ma vie,
Ce dont elle me donna envie.
Confusion des sympathiques systèmes :
Je ne pu lui prouver si je l’aime.
Impossible intimité, branlante identité,
Sentiment d’insécurité condamnant à la virginité...

Et du fond de mon puits, je vis briller
Une espérance aveuglante...
Et du fond de mon puits, je fus prié
D’accepter une amour angoissante...
Les regrets me rongent :
Je l’aimais m’aimer mais son mensonge
M’épargna la surprise de la rupture,
Et les sentiments susceptibles de blessures...
Ne connaîtrai-je d’amour que de filles pixellisées ?
De réconfort qu’auprès de filles de papier glacé ?
Track Name: Ambivalence
Remember this salted rain.
How many "never again"
Will you say before this pain
Passes from heart to brain ?

I want you to cry
I want you to die
I want you too
To see you try
Track Name: Schizoid Exile
It’s over
I won't call for help anymore
And considerate no more hands
Giving me shining hopes
Just before letting me fall
In the usual loneliness of my loves
Letting me fall
In the darkness of the Well.
Prostrated in foetal position
I took refuge in a world
Closed to communication
I locked myself in a world
Only led by imagination.
It's too late
I can't come back
So let me fall
In my madness
In the safety of the Well.
It’s over...
And he has found both freedom and safety in his madness ;
the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood,
for those who understand us enslave something in us.