Schizoid Exile

from by Nameless Orchestral Project



It’s over
I won't call for help anymore
And considerate no more hands
Giving me shining hopes
Just before letting me fall
In the usual loneliness of my loves
Letting me fall
In the darkness of the Well.
Prostrated in foetal position
I took refuge in a world
Closed to communication
I locked myself in a world
Only led by imagination.
It's too late
I can't come back
So let me fall
In my madness
In the safety of the Well.
It’s over...
And he has found both freedom and safety in his madness ;
the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood,
for those who understand us enslave something in us.


from Downfall, released August 12, 2012




Nameless Orchestral Project Brest, France

NAMELESS ORCHESTRAL PROJECT offers a music undefined in style, with unstable and incongruous time signatures, performed from largo to presto (ma non troppo), all ordered into a seeming chaos. Then sometimes you'll hear a song in common time, with an unvarying tempo and a verse/chorus structure. But in all case, the music will lack optimism and joie de vivre. ... more

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